Mick Vs. Mick

By | 5th February 2017

You could not make this up, it looks like the RMT is now having a dispute with their brothers-in-arms, ASLEF.  After months of continued misery for rail users in the south of England, ASLEF and Govia came to an agreement on DOO trains and the safe running of trains. Mick Whelan has recommend the changes to ASLEF union members, but Mick Cash of the RMT is not happy at all.

It’s a betrayal.

Mick Cash is a name that many people who use the Southern Rail network, despise. He was once praised as the good guy, standing up for passenger safety and better working conditions, but ask a commuter now and he’s just adding fuel to the fire with his uninformed commentary on the conductors dispute. And now he’s lambasted his fellow union members by calling out ASLEF members as betrayers – because they came to a compromise to end this strike and allow their members to he back to work and hopefully put a stay to any further disruption.

Mr Whelan, I support you. You fought the good fight and came to a compromise. That’s what negotiations are all about, one (or both) parties has to come to a compromise to move forward and ASLEF have done just that. So now it’s down to the RMT to get round the table and hammer out a deal, instead of spouting off about nonsense. Mick Cash, maybe you should go and speak to the drivers and find out why they will accept the deal. Maybe you should consider the dramatic impact your industrial action has on those who have not other choice but to use the train. Maybe you should take a step down and give back some of your humongous salary, just so you can remember what it’s like in the working man’s shoes. Maybe you should just get off your high horse and put your members and the public first instead of yourself…!

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