Review: Gousto (includes link for 50% off)

By | 30th October 2017

My partner and I love to cook. However we both have busy jobs and have found it increasingly difficult to eat well while both playing the career game so we looked to meal kits, not the pre-prepared ready meals that you simply heat up, we wanted to still cook so found a service that delivered perfectly weighed out ingredients and big benefits;

  • All the ingredients you need*
  • Zero wastage
  • A choice of a balanced menu
  • Good wholesome food

* They assume you have cupboard staples such as oil, salt and pepper. 

Even Sulley enjoys a Gousto box!

Gousto appear to be the leader of the game when it comes to meal kits and it’s clear to see why. You have a choice of about 20 difference dishes each week, catering for most diets. The chilled box is shipped to you by 7pm, just in time for dinner and the instructions are pretty good and so well written that you can recreate them time and time again. 

Just one of the many dishes available for this week

So far we have had about six weeks of boxes, and my only criticism is the price. At present a three meal box for two is priced at £30, which is £10 per day! These boxes are a premium item, and this price includes postage and packaging however considering a weeks shop at the leading discount supermarkets can come in cheaper it does seem quite high for only theee of your seven meals a week. 

Get yourself 50% off your first two boxes (£15 for three meals for two) using my referral link below:

This post is not sponsored by Gousto and I have not received any payment to write this review. By clicking my referral link above, you will receive 50% off your first two box deliveries and I also receive a £15 credit for further purchases. Gousto is a subscription service that auto renews however cancellation is quick and easy via the my account section of the website. My personal experiences with Gousto are as described above and yours may differ, this review is not an endorsement of the service provided by Gousto. 

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