Hotel, Hospitality and Customer Service Consultancy

Do you own a bed and breakfast and your looking to enhance your business for your guests? Or maybe you have a customer service department and you need some critical analysis of the customer journey. If so then my consultancy is just what you need.

I started working in hotels in 2007, on the front desk. Since then I have developed my career over ten years to senior management positions and with my years of guest facing service came invaluable experience in what it takes to ensure your customers and guests have an exceptional experience.

The “WOW” Factor

In the day and age of increased technology, customers can become ever more picky with their patronage. Hotels, B&B’s, Airbnb, shops and other service focussed businesses need to offer more than just an acceptable experience as clients look for the best value for money with the best amenities.

For example, TripAdvisor is the go to website for travel bookers who want to check out the reviews for the new hotel in town or get the real inside scoop about that restaurant down the road. However TripAdvisor can sometimes paint an unfavourable or inaccurate picture of what your business actually offers. Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels also allow your potential guests and customers to see what your business offers. Are you on top?

The Customer Journey

Can your customer sail through your procedures and processes without issue or are there barriers preventing a smooth journey. Where does your customer journey begin? Usually awareness is the first step, however in an ever changing economic environment businesses need to adapt and innovate to stay on form. Ensuring your customers are not disadvantaged compared to other similar offerings is key to staying on form.

Hotel & Hospitality Consultancy

With varied tactical approaches, I can measure your business and work with key stakeholders to change ways of working, implement procedures and improve the guest service aspect of all hotels, bed and breakfast and Airbnb properties. My consultancy service is a completely tailor made product with focus being put on areas you have identified as low performing or you may opt for the full contract package which includes strategic analysis of all areas of your business to identify areas for improvement.

Customer Service Consultancy

Customer service is an ever evolving area that businesses must pay close attention to. Gone were the days when businesses could just offer a product or service and customers would blindly choose you, now the customer is savvy with service expectations that must be met to retain loyalty, it is now the businesses that must work for the customer.

Analysing your customer service provision is of key importance to all business owners and stakeholders. Identifying areas for improvement before it affects your customers could save you thousands of pounds. Remember that it costs four times as much to get new customers than it does to retain an existing customer, so keeping your existing customers loyal is just good business.