WordPress Installation and Configuration Services

WordPress Installation & Configuration

For many years I have used the popular, open source, blogging content management system (CMS) that is more than just your average blog. The amazing thing about WordPress is that it is so versatile, you can even use it as an online store for your business, however getting the most of your WordPress installation is a time consuming process with lots of configuration and settings that need to be changes. For those starting off with a website, the installation process can be a pretty daunting idea as sometimes you will need to edit the code behind the scenes.

WordPress Installation Service

If you already have your domain name and hosting arrange, I can install a WordPress site for you in a matter of minutes. You will have a working and tested site with full administration access. I will even change the basic configuration to suit your requirements so you can get started immediately publishing content.

WordPress Configuration Service

Each of us have a unique use for WordPress and it’s all about configuring your installation correctly to get the best out of you new WordPress site. I can combine a set-menu configuration with any installation service for a fixed price. You can also tailor your configuration service to match your exact needs for a competitively low price.

WordPress Consultancy Service

You can utilise my expertise and experience with WordPress to answer your questions and get advice on installations, configuration, themes and plugins. WordPress consultancy service is available inĀ 30-minute slots with live web-chat or teleconference. You will also receive a report with recommendations and feedback on the consultancy session.

All my WordPress services are available from the e-store.