About Me

About Me

As the the title may suggest, my name is Adam Quay-Ross… and I love food!

It all started off at a very young age for me – I was lucky enough to be surrounded and immerced in creative and artistc foods with my mother being a Cordon Vert accredited chef. She ran her small business from home, cooking from a domestic kitchen.

At the age of 11 I obtained my Public Health England Food Health & Hygiene level 2 certification, just so that I could be around the home kitchen while my mother was cooking (my claim to ‘fame’ being the youngest person to obtain such a certifcation in the UK).

I helped my mother with packaging, labelling and eventually marketing her business online. I went with her to exhibitions, trade shows, farmers markets, food fayres and evening delivery rounds. Her business kept the roof over our heads and taught me the basics of everthing in business that I know now, and over the course of the years I gained a real appreciation for home cooked vegetarian food.

Fastforward some twenty years and here I sit. I am no longer a vegetarian and enjoy a mixed omnivorous diet, but still hold a high appreciation for the vegetarian and vegan movement and the part it plays in a balanced diet and the impact it can have on the global warming crisis we are currently experiencing.

My mother was and is still key in my love and appreciation of good food and drink!

Mum and I at Taste of Christmas AEG Cooking Theatre